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     Welcome to The Pleasant Valley Division of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The O gauge Pleasant Valley Railroad, founded in 1936 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was operated successfully until 1948 by Harold Cheeseman and then by son Cliff until abandoned in 1960. It was then acquired in 1979 by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and is operated as an HO gauge empire under the charter of The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad - Pleasant Valley Division.

      Ground breaking of new extensive and improved right-of-way took place April of 1979. The first rails were laid in May, 1980 with the Golden Spike ceremony and first rail service taking place November 20, 1980.

     The railroad in its present state has consumed 800 pounds of hydrocal and molding plaster used in formation of the landscape and terrain. Rubber molds were made from coal encased with plaster to form rock facings which were tinted with acrylic water color. Ground cover was achieved by using sand, dirt, gravel, dyed sawdust and ground foam. The trees were made from different kinds of dried flowers and Woodland Scenic materials. A combination of sound, artistic scenery and odors lend a greater sense of realism to the operation of the railroading empire. In addition to scenery, approximately 5,000 feet of wire was needed to bring power to the rails, switch machines, signal system and to bring lighting to all the various homes and businesses serviced by the B&O - Pleasant Valley Division.

     Rolling stock consist of over 500 highly detailed brass and plastic freight cars and 90 pieces of passenger and express equipment that was used in the late 40's and early 50's. Fifty-five steam engines vary from 0-4-0 yard goat to the 2-6-6-4 KB-1 Seaboards and the 2-8-8-4 EM-1s. Early generation diesels have began to show up on the roster. The fleet of 26 B&O cabooses are custom-painted and lettered along with the fleet of steam engines.

     The curves are 26 inch radius, with a ruling grade of 1.5%. The turnouts are #4 in the yard area and #6 on the main line. The track is approximately 850 feet of nickel silver code 100. The railroad can be operated from three different control panels. Panel "A" is the main control which operates the full main lines, with override control of some trackage on panel "B" and "C". Panel "B" operates the engine facilities and classification yard and the loop around McKeesport. Panel "C" operates the passenger terminal and the loop around Pleasant Valley downtown section.

     We thank you for your time and hope you enjoyed your tour of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad - Pleasant Valley Division.

If you are truly interested in the B&O Railroad, it's history, organization, track mileage and more please (click here)for an inovative look back in time.

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