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Above are recent pictures of the B&O - Pleasant Valley Division. This is how I remember the the late autumn scenery in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia Appalachian Mountains while growing up when "STEAM WAS KING". There are several towns of importance including McKeesport and Connellsville. A famous tourist attraction is Hobo Junction, where rock carvings of three Hobos, Jimmy, Theodore and Teddy over look the town. Hobo Valley, is a large Hobo Camp at the foot of a large picturesque water falls and is home to 12 scratch built bridges of different design and construction ranging from a double track wood trestle to a double track steel arch bridge that crosses the valley. Hobo Valley is the lowest elevation of 15" and Connellsville is the highest of 54". This is achieved without the use of a helix. Long continuous grades were used. The ruling grade is 1.5% with 26" radius elevated curves and #6 Turnouts on the main line. All the structures are highly detailed kit-bashed or scratch built with many of them being award winners. Mirrors are used in many places to extend the scene or add length to tunnels. The main power supply is a radio control PFM Sound System with several MRC throttles. The power for all the turnouts, signal system, and structure lighting are a bank of Lionel KW and ZW transformers. There are several hundred Preiser hand painted citizens going about their everyday tasks in numerous mini scenes around the layout. We hope you enjoyed your visit and come back often to see the progress on the new expansion.

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